Aung San Suu Kyi Nightingale

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Rainbow of love and peace of the infinite universe come to us rainbow of love and peace, invisible threads of Divine creative energy. Planet Earth in the Universe expand tangles of destructive human energy, created by ignorance, which burst wars, crimes, hate and evil. We are little creative! Thought is energy that creates! Our minds are polluted by uncontrolled dark powers of evil. Thought is the invisible energy that conveys our aggressive inner world to the community. We are the good and evil in the world! Our imbalance leads to the destruction of ourselves and our planet.

We are the architects of our destiny, unaware of having created our universe of suffering and disease. We can control our minds, heal our ills and together flood the planet of love and peace. A thought collective balanced planted thousands of rainbow over the earth, the universe and illuminate the darkness. We are partners divine abandon ignorance, stupidity, drugs, vice and let us responsible creators of love and peace, worthy sons to become children of God. Aung San Suu Kyi, the nightingale of Love! Mother of peace loving crying tears because of the madness that dwells in gilded palaces of power. Dove to which the warriors of injustice have stolen the hopes of flying over flowery meadows of freedom. To you I sing a song of love! To you play the notes of Liberty! To you I give the Triumph! Nightingale, love, your brightness shines on the man's mental universe, your example comforts the heart of mankind. The ego of the arrogant is poisoned by the force of the demons that haunt the innocent and unaware that the law of cause and effect condemning their souls to atone, in the storm, their cruel actions.

The negative telepathic thought inculcated by early overpowers evil and blind and uncontrolled polluted the minds of non-evolved in power. Your tears shine like diamonds of light before the world that admires you and sustains your love energy. (As opposed to Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs). Aung San Suu Kyi, your jailers will fall in shame and being beaten in front of the community. Destination postponed his creative energy created by negative and uncontrolled mind. Your heart pierced by the ignorance and betrayed by your own government is nurtured by humanity outraged by the madness of dictatorship. Angel of human rights, your freedom will fly in One-day sun flower. To you I sing a song of love! To you play the notes of Liberty! To you I give you the Truinfo!

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