Attorney Millions

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I am an ordinary citizen, I walk and work among the people, I have no personal safety or sycophants telling me what I want to listen … do you think this story know? … Sure! is yours, mine was the millions of Peruvians who every day we get up to make a living with hard work and sacrifice as we listen, look and see in the news media repeated bribes, faenones, theft and corruption that have become so repetitive, that no longer surprises us, we are millions of Peruvians who have lost the venting of anger … we prefer the indifference and neglect. Maritain says they are not men who are due to the state but is the state which is due to men, but in Peru the professional politicians who run the state are the major players involved in corruption and have transformed this institution issuing laws and regulations in a huge and tasty Botin, it seems that the politicians and politicians have lost their reason, that decency lost it long ago and if so this would be a state governed by moral insane, what someone said we would have a Patomania before a Moral Insanity in the state. The institutions with which the state has to comply with the rule of law, the Law, are institutions engaged in acts of corruption suspects, Attorney, Public Prosecutor, Ministry of Justice, Judiciary, Police, Armed Forces, all these entities that are the strength State to enforce the law … are also engaged in suspicious behavior and then the state loses its force, who are called to enforce the Act are those who have violated.

The millions of ordinary citizens, we face several alternatives we behave like Indians Jose Maria Arguedas describes in "Deep River" in "All Bloods" resigned, melancholy, living Farandulera fantasies with us fed daily or with footballing legends that make us dream every day, or behave like the famous Bobby Dylan, which the Vietnam War, hung in the air, unanswered questions, rhetorical speeches, accusations without judgments. Or we join the more numerous mass of ordinary citizens who, with the sore throat of screams and fists clenched in anger shouting and waving through the streets … Basta Ya! The state requires us as an institution, the state's history reminds us that old Roman ruling that said … Let Justice not to perish the World!, Imprison the corrupt for the state to survive. Michael Oakeshatt, it seems that was inspired by the corrupt behavior of Peruvian politicians when he said There is a prototype and Politicians whose actions forged the misfortune of their people! And when we hear about, denying, lying about their professional acts must remember to Lope de Vega when he said that … Too much pretense leads to ridiculous! A time to choose our rulers, the millions of ordinary citizens, we must remember the great Aristotle when he said … A state is better governed by a woman or a Good man … that good laws! .

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