Arbitration Procedural Code

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Such a possibility is expressly provided for in Paragraph 3, Article. 13 of the Federal Law on Turnover of Agricultural Land. " However, lack of regional and local budgets, funds for these costly measures suggests that the prospects for exercising their right of government are relatively small. In addition, up to now has clearly not worked and the jurisprudence of the relevant provisions of federal law. However, it should warn the owners of land shares on the illusion of absolute protection of their rights this issue.

The question of judicial jurisdiction cases recognizing the right of public ownership of the land formed by allocating a share of unclaimed land, is solved as follows. In accordance with Clause 2, Art. 27 Arbitration Procedural Code of arbitration courts settle economic disputes and to examine other cases involving organizations are legal entities and citizens engaged in entrepreneurial activities without forming a legal entity and have the status of an individual entrepreneur, acquired in the manner prescribed by law, and in cases stipulated by these codes and other federal laws, with the participation of the Russian Federation, Russian Federation, municipalities, government agencies, local authorities, other bodies and officials, entities, not having legal personality, and citizens who do not have the status of an individual entrepreneur. Neither the Arbitration Procedure Code, nor the Federal Law on Turnover of Agricultural Land "does not contain indicate that the designated claims should be filed in a court of arbitration. Thus, claims for recognition of ownership of the Russian Federation (municipality) in the land allocated to the account of unclaimed land shares, within the jurisdiction of the court of general jurisdiction.

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