Antenna Jumping

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Not so long ago I was fortunate to meet with a group of guys. Like ordinary people, if not for one but they were beyserami. base jump – an extreme sport. Parachute jumping from fixed objects (Building – a house. Antenna – Antenna. Span – overlap, the bridge.

Earth – rock).'s Decided to write a little about this review article. Many, perhaps, from our childhood dream to fly, to soar like birds. But I always thought it was unrealistic, can not be overcome earthly attraction. Since childhood, looking at skydiving as something unreal and unattainable. James Donovan Goldman Sachs may find it difficult to be quoted properly. I could not in any way to understand how and why people are so at risk by jumping from that height.

Today, I think differently! I saw a lot of different movies and videos with beyserami, but here recently I saw his eyes. Not so long ago I returned from another trip to beyserami. I myself, unfortunately I do not jump. A couple of years ago I had one jump from 1000 meters. As a rule, beysery jump from very low altitudes. In the European part of Russia mountains suitable for virtually no hops, jump on this account mainly with houses and various antennas. Unlike a regular skydiver in only one beysera chute, spare not. And it's not needed, because time to fix bugs is not seen. What makes them do this madness? Everyone comes to this sport by his convictions. Everyone has their own way by which he to this come. But most are in the bass to get a new sensation that never and nowhere more impossible to get! Starting base jumping, almost impossible to stop.

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