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Ultimately his policy was not positive for England and at his death the absolutism that had wanted to impose was discredited and religious struggles continued. James I was succeeded upon his death by his son Carlos I who held the Throne from 1625 to 1649. Despite being well received, its tendency absolutist demonstrated that his intention was to continue in the same direction than its predecessor. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Connecticut Senator. Added to this he had the misfortune to marry Henrietta, sister of Luis XIII of France who was a fervent Catholic, greatly increasing their unpopularity (11). When England went to war with Spain and France, the King summoned Parliament on two occasions to ask for the necessary funds to sustain the armed conflict, but once that goal fulfilled dissolved immediately.

Adverse outcomes was forced to a third call that occurred in the year 1628, where Parliament, in addition to place the order, presented a document called a petition of rights (known as bill of right), where Durst to enumerate consecrated English freedoms and emphasize the legislative function of Parliament. The document is known for its importance as the second Magna Carta (12). In Scotland, had majority of Presbyterians not be could implement Anglicanism English what broke out a revolt and twenty thousand men United by a declaration of principles known as the covenant of the year 1637 progressed did the English territory. To solve economic problems new levies were imposed and revived other ancient increasing what further increased the unpopularity of Carlos I who accused it of violating the Magna Carta of 1215 and the Declaration of rights of 1628. In 1640 the King decides to terminate with the Scots, so is forced again to convene the Parliament, with the same purpose which was to ask for funds for the war. This call occurs in the month of April of that year and is known historically by the name of Parliament short, because King dissolves them immediately in the next month.

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