Analysis Parents

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According to Big Glaser, this stage consists of desmembrar, examining, to compare minutely. Not forgetting to contextualizar it, the research seno loses the meaning. 3.5) Analysis of the studied group people who present this Syndrome are children who do not reach in its majority the adult age. Having the majority intellectual difficulty and mental deficit that can be brightened up not with the protection as many parents they think wrong. Get more background information with materials from Ohio Senator. But of form stimulant to develop its intelligence therefore although the difficulties are capable its difficulties must be respected but not to find that they do not obtain. The people with this deficiency are seen many times with discrimination as if they were resulted of punishment of God against itself or for its parents.

Either in this life or another incarnations. They do not repair that exactly with its difficulties much thing obtains to understand and with aid to surpass. Many of the births the parents abandon for depreciation the mothers. They condemn them as if she was guilty for the birth of the sick son. It is common if to relate to these with contemptuous names as ' ' vegetal' '.

They face it as incapable they abandon and it in the room, without I stimulate, support with the difficulties generated for the constant epilepsies. In this case yes will have great difficulties intellectuals. The parents do not lead to leave with shame of the son who is faced as ugly by the society. For the parents he is not very easy to accept having that to have aid of psychologists and many times leaving for religion to search support and comfort. He has mothers that they integrally dedicate to the life of this abandonment the personal care, the professional career is good in certain aspect to apoioar the children but not in the measure condemns that it for the disruption of the life of before.

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