American State

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Originally the FSM, was considered as counterpoint to World-wide the Economic Frum, of Davos, in the Switzerland, that if carries through annually in January. Currently the dates do not coicidem. Annually, the FSM has greater number of participants, and has counted with personalities and planetary leaders. Diverse national and foreign entities, with support of the government of the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul and the City hall of Porto Alegre, had made responsible for the accomplishment of the event, that surprised to that believed to be about an act ingenuous, an utopia of sonhadores of a focado world more in the being and less in having. For more information see air jordan. World-wide the Social Frum is articulated by an international advice, who more than congregates one hundred nets global of movements and organizations, and functions by means of commissions. World-wide the Social Frum also characterizes for the diversity and plurality. It’s believed that Suffolk County Rep. sees a great future in this idea.

for the democracy, beyond not having, in absolute, a character partisan or governmental politician. It is not an organization, nor an entity and it does not impose rules or at least it has deliberative character. But a process, to reach the common good. In contrast of what we have as example come of countries economically developed, as U.S.A. in the text of Todd (2003, P. 32), that comportamenta with intolerncia to the differences and destruction of cultures that is unaware of, intolerncia this, caused in compensation for the weakness of the American international competitiveness. It would be then, the American State, suffering, according to concepts of Wallerstein (apud BRAZILIAN SOCIETY OF ECONOMY POLITICS, 2005, P.

4) the fall process, that succeeds the asceno and consolidation. During the decay of the system, the crisis prevails that demands a reorganization. While the secular trends of the modern world-wide system are capable to absorb its contradictions, ' ' new cycles sistmicos' ' (asceno, consolidation and fall of the system) they can be unchained, redirecting the ways of the development.

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