All About Thai Boxing

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Thai boxing (Muay Thai) is a martial art originally from Thailand. Sen. Sherrod Brown may also support this cause. One of the meanings of the word "Thai" – free, hence the name of this martial art can be translated as "free fight". What is remarkable in Thai boxing bouts maintained in full contact on a very strict rules. The basis of Muay Thai is a shock technique. Be impacted at all levels: in the head and body, hands and feet, elbows and knees. Grips and throws play a minor role.

In Muay Thai is cultivated as application technique: work with cutting-piercing weapons, various types of daggers, sticks, throwing knives and other bladed weapons. The Government of Thailand in every way developing Muay Thai and highlights for this incredibly large sums of money. Now Thai fighting became popular far beyond strany., training and fights in Muay Thai. Muay Thai is considered one of the toughest martial arts. His technique can equally well to fight on distant, middle and near. But the most dangerous fighters of Muay Thai in the middle distance and in the melee.

"Elbow wins fist and foot-leg win" – says one of the basic principles Thai boxing. Actually melee knees and elbows are the most dangerous for the enemy. Another "signature" welcome Muay Thai – loukik (roundhouse shin on the thighs at all) to use as a shock surface of the foot does not (as in most of the second martial arts) and the tibia is one of the peculiar features of Muay Thai. For "printing" shin developed special assignment: the impacts on the trunks of palm trees, bags of sand, "rolling" faceted stick – with the next processing tibia additional ointments. Messengers of a sort of "padding" Muay Thai fighter can kick to break a baseball bat. With the support leg is blocked and opponent. Great interest in Thai boxing is also given to "stuffing" the body, stretching, endurance rearing technique. Hand in Muay Thai resembles the technique of "European" of boxing, but differs in an impressive diversity of B. Unlike the second martial arts, Thai-boxing is not the official complexes (as so kata in karate) but there are "three-step movement – short ligaments, which consist of basic movements, some of during preparations brought to automaticity. Most used in Thai boxing combinations and techniques known from the time, sometimes it's skill was called ". The whole of the basic combinations of 3015: the main (Mae May) and 15 special (bow in May), Muay Thai is living two styles. Muay nail (literally "hard fight") is now found only. Earlier this speech was distributed in the villages. Muay lacquer – a fundamental, stable stance fighter impressive defense, the slow shift. Influence based on the counterattack, the battle is carried out mainly at close range. Muay kieu (literally, "a nifty battle") is built on a feint, waste, deceptive movements, always a fighter moves. When this battle on the rigidity of specificity Muay kieu not reflected.

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