Alai Range Mountains

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The story six years ago, while in the heart of the Tien Shan, to be precise – in the area of Peak Pobeda, I dreamed of paralanerizme and how cool it would be here to fly. But then my experience in flying-was limited to occasional rally with different slopes. However, the dream became implemented. I read a lot of literature, bought equipment and began to fly and became a full-fledged pilot. At the same time I did not leave the idea with which came to paragliding – flying in the big mountains. The years went by, the experience was added, and I realized that begin to fly in the high mountains with peaks in the region Khan Tengri and Pobeda quite dangerous, especially when I saw pulls termichka dvadtsatitonnuyu edifice helicopter flying over a glacier.

My eyes focused on the area Lenin Peak. Since there was almost everything you need to paragliding. And this: the roads, cellular communication, camp, food, and that the main thing – not so much dissected topography. And what is attractive – as is the presence of the Alai Range (it was a little later) … So work began to gather information, how they fly, fly and will fly.

As a result, it became clear that the slopes of Lenin flew periodically since 1984, but virtually no information. As I understand it, were climbers, paragliders who own but to talk about the flights as the main objective was not considered important. It turned out a little vacuum conditions.

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