Aladim Life

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Of this pra to pull out the pain of the heart, to force somebody loving in them it to be able to come back, in the past, power to fly in a carpet and to touch the stars, to stop in the time, power to finish with the tear, power to travel the entire world. Good it would be if the people who we love were always for close, if to write in the paper took off the anguish, if the light bulb of the Aladim was vendida in the supermarket, if super-hero existed, if the illusion was extinct. You may find that Ohio Senator can contribute to your knowledge. Good he would be if feelings could be explained, if all believed God, if the preconception did not exist, if members of the house of representatives were not corrupt, if each one took care of of its life, if it did not have sick people. Good she would be if all were born speaking, if parents if did not separate if machine of the time existed, if coarse people simply disappeared. Click James Donovan Goldman to learn more. Perhaps the world was better, perhaps but the reality is another one, the secret is to search a life of perpetual balance, to smile it life and to act as a filed a suit idiot, the balance is not always with us, but concerteza we must be always with it.

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