Additional Income Opportunity

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Swiss eBay customers are increasingly looking for shipping addresses in Germany for Swiss citizens the trend more and more, to buy in Germany. Who lives near the German border, likes the weekend over Constance, to do his shopping there. Because it is much cheaper in Germany. The trend that Swiss shoppers in Germany, is evident now with online shopping. Here, too, German shop owners list more and more orders from the Switzerland. The shipping is only problem with online shopping in Germany.

If goods from Germany to Switzerland sends pay very high prices for shipping the packages. These costs are of course included the Swiss customers. But these would benefit only from the lower prices in Germany, but not destroy your price advantage compared to a purchase in the Switzerland due to high shipping costs. Therefore, the willingness to pay for Swiss online customers for high shipping costs is virtually nonexistent. The upshot is that fewer and fewer online stores from Germany offered a shipping in the Switzerland. But there is already a solution: the German shipping address! Under, Swiss eBay customers can find a German shipping near the Swiss German borders and send your purchases there. Who lives in the Switzerland frontier, has so no problem to just pick up the goods at the warehouse address in Germany. This saves the high cost of shipping.

The provider of German shipping address takes like other stores in its portfolio of German stock addresses. Warehouse clerk received an extensive service as a customer management system and importing existing customer. To offer a German shipping address for Swiss customers brings an additional income opportunity for warehousemen. More information on how you can open a new branch, can be found on the website of the provider.

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