A Century After The Death Of The Russian Tsars

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A century after the death of Russian tsars a century has passed since the fall of the empire of the Russian tsars. It was a family established in Moscow since the nineteenth century, Tsar Nicholas II ascended the throne without a few goals for the future, the Russian people did not like too much of their form of government. Nicholas II was charmed by one of the granddaughters of Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Cornicova which years later would become his wife and empress imperial rusas.Con all she had four daughters Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia followed almost all a year until the desired male born would be the heir to the throne, Alexis who suffered a blood disease called hemophilia, because of this disease, the Czarina Alexandra trust the monk Rasputin who claimed to have healing powers on the Crown.

The Tsars and their children lived between luxuries and whims throughout his life, had many palaces the most famous winter palace richly decorated and with fabulous gardens. It is said that the fourth of Maria and Anastasia was a passage led into the kitchen where the servants went to the sons of kings did not like too much of the palace as the cold of winter was almost unbearable once even in the most luxurious cases were water pipes could be infectious and produce disease and at night the cockroaches were walking their anchors. During of the winter of 1917 the revolution broke out across the country, the Bolsheviks had prevailed on major revolutionary groups were controlled Moscow and St. .

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